Freedom Series

What is the Freedom Series by Christian romantic author Rhonda Kulczyk?

Freedom to Love is set in 1858. And each book thereafter is set just a few years later. My books portray the hardships of the rugged west. I invest much of myself into the main characters of my books. Many of their struggles were my own at one time. Their experiences, good and bad, are experiences I myself have faced during my own life. I’m most assuredly a romantic at heart, a trait inherited from my grandmother on my father’s side of the family, so my books definitely reflect this.

– Rhonda Kulczyk


“Freedom to Love” by Rhonda Kulczyk

The First installment
in the Freedom Series.

The year is 1858. And Alana Peterson’s world just crumbled around her. This Missouri girls only possession is a journal, placed in her hands by her dying mother. In the journal a secret is revealed a secret that could destroy her…


“Freedom to Live” by Rhonda Kulczyk

The second installment
in the Freedom Series.

She heard him call her name, but she would not respond. She could not look back. “I love you.” she whispered into the wind blowing against her tear streaked face. If only he had heard the words…

What do you do when the man of your dreams is not the man you have married?


“Freedom to Surrender” by Rhonda Kulczyk

The third installment
in the Freedom Series.

Savannah could feel Matthew’s eyes on her throughout the evening, and it unnerved her. She would be lying if said she found the man unattractive. She was drawn to him, and she chided herself for it. Matthew Lakely was a minister. She had no intention of marrying a minister. She had no intention of marrying at all…


“Freedom to Forgive” by Rhonda Kulczyk

The fourth installment
in the Freedom Series.

The daughter of a prominent gentleman in Boston, Katrina finds herself discontent with life. Urged by her family to choose a husband, Katrina finally gives in only to find herself falling in love with a man whose material possessions are little and yet his desire for her outshines all else…