Freedom to Love



“Freedom to Love” by Christian
romantic author Rhonda Kulczyk

The first installment in the Freedom Series.

The year is 1858. And Alana Peterson’s world just crumbled around her. This Missouri girls only possession is a journal, placed in her hands by her dying mother. In the journal a secret is revealed a secret that could destroy her.

Shay OConnell, a man who has previously proven himself untrustworthy, offers to escort Alana west. With no other choice left to her, Alana accepts his offer, and they embark on the journey under the false pretense that they are siblings. But pretending to be brother and sister becomes a difficult task when Shay and Alana begin to fall in love. Fearful that Shay will not marry her if he learns the truth, Alana decides it best to keep her secret from him.

When Alanas secret finally surfaces, will it destroy the very relationship she so desperately tried to protect? Watch as Alana fully relies on God through every situation in her ever-changing life. ‘Freedom to Love’, penned by author Rhonda Kulczyk, is an intriguing and heart-wrenching novel about overcoming ones past and allowing God to be God.



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